Welcome to Jing Xing

Jing Xing is an importer, wolesaler and retailer of Chinese groceries and food  products. We promise to provide the best quality, service and choice at the best price to Chinese restaurants, supermarkets and families.

Below are some of the products that we provide, for more information, please view the products online or contact us directly.

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Frozen meat and seafood
  • Dry food
  • Noodles and rice
  • Drinks
  • Herbs and souces
  • Snacks
  • Catering products and kitchenwar

金鑫行致力于中国日用品和食品进口,批发和零售。 我们承诺为中国餐馆,超市和家庭以最优的价格提供高质量的产品和服务。


  • 新鲜中国时令蔬菜
  • 冷冻肉类和海鲜
  • 干货
  • 面条和大米
  • 酒和饮料
  • 调料和酱类
  • 小食品
  • 餐馆用品和厨房用具